Midnight Gospel: Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies - A Fan Episode

As both a huge fan of the show and podcast, I was inspired to create a short based on one of the brilliant rants of Duncan Trussell. This one in particular was clipped from episode 385 in conversation with Daniele Bolelli about the work situation surrounding Covid-19, and was a moment which instantly made me want to see his words come to life in the form of Clancy. Besides that, I also wanted to push myself in tackling a longer form project, familiarizing myself with aspects of animation that I was previously unsure of. While there are always some things I could have done differently, I am happy with how this short turned out and hope you enjoy watching it as well as seeing some of the process that went into it. 

Character Sheet

Character Design

The secondary character was inspired by the episode cover image of Daniele Bolelli flipping off the camera. I thought it would be funny to incorporate aspects of that image into the design as well as to use the character in the episode as a visual joke to subtly point the middle finger at the situation. 


Using Format