Rick and Morty

E4 x Adult Swim (2020)

Co-created a mini commercial for a British-parodied take of Rick and Morty that was aired in the UK. Character design & keyframes by Dan Hodges. 

Call Me Whenever

Jay Yung (2020)

Looping animation commissioned by Jay Yung for his new single 'Call Me Whenever'.


Lady Frequency (2021)

Looping animation commissioned by Lady Frequency for her new single 'Visions'. Written during the pandemic lockdown, the client provided the song, wanting an animation to go along with it that touched upon the theme of finding inspiration and growth through isolation. 

The Rapture

Parsons School of Design: Thesis (2020)

Recipient of the International Motion Art Awards 9 (IMAA9)

A deeply personal film that was created over the span of six months and loosely chronicles the decline of a relationship dear to me as it occurred. Much of the work was done with very little storyboarding, snippets of straight-ahead animation unknowingly coming together to feed into a larger cohesive narrative of the push and pull, the euphoria and disaster of love – the idea of flying high only to come plummeting down.

Janice's Secret

Hellavision Television (2020)

An exquisite corpse project where various artists were invited to animate their own take on parts of an original script. 

This scene in particular has Janice (who happens to occasionally transform into a dog) monologuing about the beauty of data collection. 

Warm Bodies

Midnight Gospel Fan Content (2020)

A self directed project where I animated over a voice clipping from an episode of Duncan Trussell's podcast, of which the show Midnight Gospel is derived from.

Click here to view the process. 

One More Sunday

Aaron Goldberg (2020)


Short cut of a commission for Aaron Goldberg who improvises live music on Twitch. The brief was to create various loops that would last as long as each line of the song, allowing the animation to later be infinitely mixed and reused as the music evolves. 

The underlying goal was to evoke a sense of nostalgia, as if peering into a memory of a lost morning with an old lover. 

Grace Ling Official

Grace Ling (2020)

3D animation to showcase the fashion brand's upcoming line of unique products.

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